Caroline Williams Eades

Caroline Williams Eades


Caroline bought Carriage House Weddings in 2004, and after 15 years as its owner, she still finds inspiration and happiness in helping brides make one of the most important decisions for their wedding. Caroline loves the customer service aspect of her work, and she has built the Carriage House experience around listening, friendship, fashion, and joy.

It's the connection with people and unique beauty of wedding gowns that drew Caroline into the wedding business. With a background in finance and fashion, she also loves traveling to New York and Europe to curate the most exquisite collection of gowns for Carriage House brides.

One of the things Caroline is most proud of is the team she's built. She's brought young, energetic, fashion-forward women to her team who each add quality and expertise to the team.

Caroline is also a mom to beautiful twins, Adele and Beau, and she gracefully gives her heart to her family while also leading the team and overall experience at Carriage House in Mountain Brook, AL.

Kelly Michelle Lewis

Kelly Michelle Lewis

Manager and Bridal Consultant

When helping a bride "find the one," Kelly Michelle likes to ask one simple question, "does this dress help you feel like the most beautiful version of yourself?" From traveling across Europe and living in London, Australia, and Singapore, she has seen an amazing array of bridal fashion and has learned to recognize when a bride feels beautiful and confident.

She also enjoys getting to be part of one of the happiest times in a woman's life, and finds that her brides end up feeling like friends. Kelly Michelle is her best when she's helping brides think outside the box to create a bridal look that is distinct and personalized.

When it comes to her dream dress, Kelly Michelle loves a timeless, traditional, and sophisticated dress with a modern twist like adding a detachable bow or skirt-nothing too trendy, but something unique that she will love for years to come.

One of our favorite things about Kelly Michelle is whenever she visits a European city, she purchases a bridal magazine to see what the latest bridal trends are in that place. Her unique perspective is such an asset to the Carriage House team.

Julie Brittle

Julie Brittle

Social Media Manager

As a bridal consultant and the social media manager for Carriage House, Julie finds her sweet spot by listening well, being creative, and being kind. She feels pretty lucky to have this job, and she delights in making her brides and their families feel welcome, loved, and celebrated.

Her love for fashion and serving others is what drew her to the Carriage House team. She wants every bride to leave their appointment feeling beautiful and so, so happy. She knows that sometimes this means giving them exactly what they came looking for, and sometimes it means trying something different "just for fun" that might end up being the one!

Personally, Julie is drawn to a classic bridal style. For her own wedding, she chose a gown that is elegant and timeless. And when it comes to helping her brides choose for themselves, she says to think about how each dress fits into the vision of their wedding day and to eat before they come because no one can think straight with a growling tummy!

Lindsey Ward

Lindsey Ward

Bridal Consultant

Lindsey knows that selecting a wedding dress is not about the gown, but about the bride. She guides all her brides to "wear the gown instead of letting the gown wear them." Its this confidence and attention to personal style that she believes makes a bride truly stunning.

With a degree in clothing and textiles as well as a background in merchandising, buying, and fashion, the evolving trends and beautiful fabrics are what drew her to the wedding gown industry and ultimately to Carriage House.

Lindsey says the best way for brides to prepare to "find the one" is to research styles and designers to get a feel for what they love, but to also come in with an open mind. She loves taking in all the information and helping lead brides to the right gown for them.

And when it comes to her personal style? Lindsey goes for the simple, sleek, and chic. She is one who knows what she wants and is committed to helping you know it, too.

Hayley Heard

Hayley Heard

Bridal consultant

When brides come in happy and excited, Hayley is eager to match their excitement and get to work helping them "find the one." She loves that every appointment is unique, and she welcomes the opportunity to work with all different styles.

She encourages brides to be true to themselves, believing they know their heart and style better than anyone else. She takes brides through their appointment by intentionally listening and connecting with them personally, and while many gowns may work, she knows there is only one perfect gown.

For Hayley, "the one" was a strapless, simple, fit-to-flare classic. She looks back and still loves her Carriage House gown, and these days her favorite style changes constantly as she falls in love with new gowns and collections that come into the store.

While she enjoys getting to use her background in fashion and buying, Hayley feels like being a part of such a special moment in a bride's life is the real treat. Her best advice to her brides is to come in with an open heart and be ready to "find the one!"